Prambanan templeb in sunset , Yogyakarta , Indonesia.

Prambanan Temple: The Most Beautiful Hindu Temple in the World

Prambanan Temple is said to be the most beautiful Hindu temple within the international. It is the biggest temple complex in Java with three main temples committed to the three high-quality Hindu divinities, Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma, the symbols of Trimurti in Hindu perception.


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According to the records, Rakai Pikatan, a Hindu prince from Sanjaya Dynasty, who had married into the ruling Buddhist Sailendra monarchy built all the temples inside the Prambanan archaeological park within the 8th century AD. In its authentic shape, the temple complicated contained over 250 huge and small temples. The temple compound changed into improved by using successive Mataram kings with the addition of the masses of perwara temples across the valuable temples. It served because the royal temple of the Kingdom of Mataram for its spiritual ceremonies and sacrifices. However, in the 10th century the temple become in large part deserted due to the fact the Mataram dynasty moved to East Java. It then collapsed all through a primary earthquake inside the 16th century.

Also regionally referred to as Roro Jonggrang, legend has it that the 1,000th statue of the temple was the statue of a narrow virgin woman named Roro Jonggrang, who become stone with the aid of a younger and effective man named Bandung Bondowoso after her try to thwart Bondowoso’s effort in constructing a thousand temples and two wells in a single night for the lady failed. Bondowoso was in love with Roro Jonggrang and requested her to marry him. However, Roro Jonggrang was full of hatred because Bondowoso killed her father; therefore she attempted to refuse his suggestion by using asking him a seemingly not possible undertaking. As a person who had unseen troop of spirits, it turned into smooth for Bondowoso to finish the task. After almost 1000 temples had been constructed, Roro Jonggrang requested the villagers to pound rice and to set a hearth on the way to appear to be the morning had broken. This manner, the spirits had no choice however left earlier than finishing the final one temple. Bondowoso realised that the girl had cheated him so he became Roro Jonggrang into the 1,000th statue. This is a very interesting folklore that local human beings like to percentage.

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