Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Mahaswamiji (20 May 1894 – 8 January 1994), or the Sage of Kanchi, was the 68th Jagadguru of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham. He is usually referred to as Paramacharya, Mahaswami or Maha Periyavar. He is widely considered as one of the greatest Indian sages of recent times. He was renowned for his saintly life, strict adherence to the sanyasa (asceticism) and unparalleled knowledge in a wide array of subjects. His foremost vision was the protection of Vedas, tradition, and dharma.SRI CHANDRASEKHARENDRA SARASWATI PRASTANAM rectv bhakti


Vivekachudamani Sri swami Ranganathananda  Discourse Parts

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Chandrashekarendra Saraswati was born on 20 May 1894, under Anuradha nakshatra according to the Hindu calendar, into a Smartha Brahmin family in Viluppuram, South Arcot District, Tamil Nadu as Swaminatha. He was the second son of Shri Subramanya Sastrigal, a District Education Officer and his devout wife, Smt Mahalakshmi. The child was named Swaminatha, after the family deity, Lord Swaminatha of Swamimalai, near Kumbakonam. Swaminatha began his early education at the Walter Scudder Higher Secondary School at Tindivanam, where his father was working. He was an exceptional student and excelled in several subjects. In 1905, his parents performed his Upanayanam, a Vedic ceremony which qualifies a Brahmin boy to begin his Vedic studies under an accomplished teacher.He attained siddhi at Kancheepuram on 8 January 1994 (Dhanur, Krishna Dwadasi) in his Centenary year.SRI CHANDRASEKHARENDRA SARASWATI PRASTANAM ,CHAGANTI KOTESWARA RAO

Vivekachudamani Sri swami Ranganathananda  Discourse Parts

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He is one of the most remarkable men I’ve ever seen, a tapasvin who reminds us of the ancient ascetics referred to in our ancient literature, giving validity to the concept of our ancient ideal of austerity, rising superior to the demands of flesh. A profoundly learned man , he combines within himself sastraic scholarship with a discerning understanding of modern life and its problems.SRI CHANDRASEKHARENDRA SARASWATI PRASTANAM  CHAGANTI KOTESWARA RAO

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