3 Ways of praying lord siva to get rich

3 Ways of praying lord siva to get rich


Siva absolutely rejects Maya, he shuns Maya absolutely, wherein as Vishnu accepts Maya as it is, but does not get laid low with it. Unlike Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva never attempts to manipulate Maya, as a result each end up entities to be revered. Everyone knows the story of “Samudra-Manthan”. Everyone were given some thing from it, even Vishnu, but while Halahal got here out, nobody wanted it. So, Vishnu asks Shiva to assist, God whose indifference permits him to accept all that which all people rejects (This is what the tantriks and aghoris observe to shun maya).

Here you may see, that Vishnu acts as a very discerning form of the Brahaman. He takes facet of the devas and enables them out, as may be seen from the episode of Amrita, which came out of the samudra manthan. Where as Shiva takes no aspects, he neither loves, nor hates the devas or the asuras. So he will become Bhole-Nath, who can be appeased very without problems. Because for Shiva nothing has any intrinsic value.

If you look out today also, while you visit see Siva, you simplest provide normal milk or Bel-Ptras, which is gift inside the fundamental form of Maya, due to the fact shiva does not need you to combine any Maya in it, however the equal while provided to Vishnu, is transformed to butter or curd, because Vishnu loves to play with Maya.



3 Ways of praying lord siva to get rich, here are the ways how we can pray lord shiva in order to get rich. To know what are those ways Check out the full video and stay tuned to our channel RECTV BHAKTI.

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