Do's and Dont's after a death in a Hindu family

Do’s and Dont’s after a death in a Hindu family

Do’s and Dont’s after a death in a Hindu family , What To Do When Someone Dies?, does a marriage need to be postponed?


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The following are conventions observed and I can not inform for certain if there may be scriptural sanction/coaching in the back of these.

The kitchen fire (fireplace) is not lit right away after death. The own family does not cook food in the residence for a certain length, this differs from area to region. During this time the properly wishers friends, neighbours and spouse and children who’re untouched by way of the ritual pollution of dying, bring food to the family.
The contributors of the own family do no longer wear new garments or carry out any type of physical beautifications like oiling your hair or makeup. Men do no longer shave for sure quantity of days. After the duration of mourning the men of the residence shave their heads in mourning.
During the period of mourning, typically 11 to 13 days, the instant circle of relatives is ritually impure and can’t offer worship to the Gods or attend any celebrations. They also are expected to keep away from touching anybody not in mourning.
The ritual impurity is eliminated after the length of mourning with the shaving of head and slicing of nails (generally for ladies, on the grounds that they may be disallowed to shave their heads) with the aid of someone from the barber’s caste. Your clothes are purified through someone from the washerman community touching all the clothes in the cabinet. The whole house is washed with water and poojas are performed for the useless.
Typically Brahmins are served meals at the eleventh or thirteenth day, and those who help the family in the course of this time, pals and other nicely wishers also are invited to partake meals.
The family does now not carry out auspicious ceremonies like weddings and Upanayanams for the next 12 months except it is a herbal and peaceful demise of an elder. Some families will no longer even speak approximately marriage allinces for the only year.
I have visible human beings also leave the residence for one year and live elsewhere.
These matters differ from community to community and circle of relatives elders and priests are generally the pleasant courses at some point of this difficult duration. All rituals have positive beleifs related to them and thy try to soothe the mind of the mourner.

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