Lord Shiva Daughters And Their Birth Secrets

Lord Shiva Daughters And Their Birth Secrets

Lord Shiva Daughters And Their Birth Secrets,many are questioning because when did Shiva had daughters? All people has heard of his famous sons: Ganesha and Kartikeya. However daughters? Ashok Sundari? The place did she come from?

The entire concept of Shiva Puran is to describe the gradual socialization of Shiva, from hermit to householder. And this implies fitting a father and taking responsibility for fatherhood. As a hermit, Shiva is detached and disengaged with the arena. But the Goddess is decided to make him participate. In that, she is helped via Vishnu and all the different gods. In Tamil temple lore, Vishnu is her brother and Brahma her father. Together they want this ascetic to establish a residence. Simplest then will his best knowledge and his powers improvement the arena at colossal.

And so kids are required. As a consequence sons are born. Become aware of how the 2 general sons deal with humanity’s most basic desires. Ganesha is related to meals that helps us cope with our worry of hunger. Kartikeya is associated with warfare that’s necessary to shield ourselves from predators. Consequently by means of his two sons, Shiva supplies and protects.

But this ‘male choice’ has not been omitted by using the devotees and the sages. And so across people traditions there are references to his daughters.

The story of Ashok Sundari comes from the vrat-kathas of Gujarat and neighboring areas. She was once comprised of a tree via Parvati to present her freedom from loneliness. She was referred to as Ashoka as she obtained rid of Parvati’s ‘shok’ or sorrow. And Sundari due to the fact that she was stunning. Nothing so much is legendary of her except that she was once reward on the time Ganesha used to be beheaded and she or he hid in the back of a sack of salt in worry, angering her mom, who used to be later pacified by her father. She is associated with salt, that ingredient without which life is unsavory.

In Shiva temples of Tamil Nadu, one on occasion comes across Jyoti, the goddess of sunshine, who emerges from Shiva’s halo and is the physical manifestation of his grace. She is mainly related to Kartikeya.

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