Salagrama Pooja Procedure & Benefits

Salagrama Pooja Procedure & Benefits

Salagrama Pooja Procedure & Benefits

1. Is Saligram in the form of black stone most effective ?

Yes. Mostly saligram are black stone best. But there are different colour of saligram stone that are very rare and worshipping /keeping them in residence carry greater electricity and goodluck than regular black color stone..

2. Is it available at gandaki river in nepal simplest otherwise in which also ?

They are available simplest In gandaki river .

3. Does it have the image in saligram ?

Yes there are numerous image in saligram varies from chakra …. Which constitute the Different incarnation of Lord Vishnu ..
Four. Is chakra a herbal formation in slaigram ?

The chakras at the stones are formed through the river worms known as Vajra-keeta. Its teeth/nails are said to be more difficult than granite stone. The chakra formation is observed not best on the outer surface of the Saligrama. There are chakras inner Saligrama additionally.The Vajra keeta worms drill the stones, get inner and stay there. During their stay inside the stones, they purpose those chakras. Similarly out of doors Chakras also are resulting from the worms simplest. Saligrama are used as living location through the worms now not used as shells. ” The puranic announcement is that the Lord Himself causes those chakras in the guise of worms. He exhibits His presence in Saligrama thru the Chakras.Because He is already present there with the aid of his very own desire, We do now not carry out any pratishta-ritual for Saligrama simply as we do for other idols.”

5. Is it a truth that greater range of chakras in a Saligrama represnet its importance ?

Yes. A Saligrama with greater chakras is as effective as the one chakras.

6. Any different mythological background to substantiate the prevalence of such stones deserve worship because the manifestation of Lord Vishnu ?

Of the 18 Puranas, a great quantity of them, below special contexts, proclaim the mahima of Saligrama as Vishnu pooja.

7. Is any length prescribed for the worship within the every day puja?

No . Any length or shape saligram can be saved in and worshipped..

8. Is it actual that Saligram must now not be stored inside the house without every day Abisheka ?

The emphasis is most effective to stress the factor which you ought to now not be lazy and miss Saligrama Puja for too long a length on False excuses. It isn’t to ask you get rid of Saligram on grounds of imaginary troubles.

9. Is it accurate that Broken saligram silas must now not worhsip?

No. You are honestly incorrect. According to shastra ” Even if a Salagram is damaged or damaged, all sila are top to worship. ”


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