Bhangarh: A Beauty Beyond The Ghosts And Their Haunted Stories

Bhangarh or more precisely Bhoot Bhangarh, while we think about this name what first involves the thoughts are the haunted testimonies from the ruins of a small village in India. Search for the most haunted locations in India or maybe in Asia, the call of Bhangarh appears on the top of many such lists. The ghosts of Bhangarh are so effective and so influential that even in the 21st century of virtual age, there is a government board out of doors the ruins of Bhangarh warning humans to live away from the bounds of Bhangarh after the sunset. Only ASI can tell the real that means of this warning.


bhangarh fort

The fort of Bhangarh is about one km from the primary road on the foot of the hills. The territory of Bhangarh Fort is locked from all sides both via a boundary wall or by means of the hills. The fundamental palace is situated on a sloping terrain at approximately 400-500 meters distance from the primary access gate. In among, the premises of the fortress is dominated by using the lengthy pathways, beautiful temples, a few havelis, small ponds and lovely ruins of the palaces. The main part of that crowd was shaped through the scholars of close by expert schools, who were there to revel in the splendor of Bhangarh Valley within the wet season.

bhangarh fort

No entry price tag is needed to go to the ruins of Bhangarh Fort. After few meters of walk from the first front, there is the ruins of Jauhari Baazar (marketplace). These ruins look more staggering than the similar ruins of vintage baazars inside the castle of Chittorgarh and Fatehpur Sikri.

There are many extra temples scattered inside the premises of the fort. Many of the temples are absolutely abandoned. The different temples include Mangla Devi Temple, Keshav Rai Temple, Hanuman Temple, Someshwara Temple, Ganesh Temple etc.


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