Chanakya neeti – Overcoming Challenges

Chanakya neeti  Overcoming Challenges

once, a chinese traveller got here to meet Kautilya (Chanakya). It was dusk and darkness had simply started to set in. When the traveller entered Chanakya’s room, he saw that Chanakya used to be busy writing some predominant papers underneath the lighting fixtures of an oil lamp. You understand that there were no bulbs or tube lights in these days, due to the fact that there used to be no electrical power. So, in these days men and women used to gentle oil lamps. Chanakya smilingly welcomed his guest and requested him to sit down. He then speedily completed the work that he was once doing. Chanakya neeti  Overcoming Challenges

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However have you learnt what did he do on finishing his writing work? He extinguished the oil lamp below which he used to be writing and lit a different lamp. The chinese language traveller was amazed to see this. He proposal that maybe this was once a customized adopted through Indians when a visitor arrives at their dwelling. He requested Chanakya, “is this a custom in India, when a visitor arrives at your house? I imply, extinguishing one lamp and lights the opposite?” Chanakya responded, “No my pricey pal. There is not any such custom.

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Certainly, whilst you entered, I used to be working. It used to be an legit work, bearing on my empire, my nation. The oil filled in that lamp has been purchased from the cash from the country wide treasury. Now, i am speakme to you. This can be a personal and pleasant dialog, no longer regarding my nation; so I can not use that lamp now, as it will lead to wastage of the money of the country wide treasury. As a result, I extinguished that lamp and lit this different lamp, considering the oil on this lamp has been bought from my private cash.” Chanakya neeti Overcoming Challenges


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