Malcha Mahal: Frightening truth behind the mysterious 600 year old palace

Malcha Mahal: Frightening truth behind the mysterious 600 year old palace

Here is the Frightening truth behind the mysterious 600-year-old palace Malcha Mahal

Delhi’s most haunted palace!

Kings and emperors of antique days used to build Shikargaah in wooded area for searching. Malcha Mahal changed into one of these searching hotel. It became the large searching resort built in the time of Feroz Shah Tughlaq in the 14th century. Now it’s miles subsequent to the Delhi Metro station and also known as Bistdari Mahal. When Mughal empire became falling, different small states stood independently. State of Oudh turned into one of the maximum powerful states of that period. Malcha Mahal become of their Terrority. With the times those royal powers ended and queen’s rule began. Later additionally India formed as an impartial usa. Malcha Mahal became government’s assignment. But Princess Wilayat Mahal, the Begum of Oudh and the great granddaughter of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Oudh maintains criminal combating with Indian Govt for possession in Malcha Mahal.

Wilayat Mahal and her circle of relatives:


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After India’s freedom they turned into left turned into left with handiest old glories and recognition. Wilayat Mahal took a specific way of protest. The royal blood limited herself to her children and their canine within the VIP front room of New Delhi Railway Station. Finally the govt decided to present back Malcha Mahal to the circle of relatives in 1985. But at that time it became now not that Malcha Mahal created for a king. It became rag-tag, spooky vicinity risky for her family. They commenced their existence definitely being separated from the outer world. They are residing without electricity or equipments of the cutting-edge world. People outside the Mahal did not see them after a long term too. All those created quite a few queries approximately them. On December 10, 1993 Begum Wilayat Mahal devoted suicide. After her death, her two children couldn’t bury her. The begum’s body changed into positioned at the observe desk for 10 days. In the interim, her children slept together with her useless body too. Her daughter princess Sakina began carrying handiest black after Begum’s demise.
People believed inside the Mahal there are quite a few treasures. Kings families cover it someplace secretly. On June twenty fourth, 1994, anti-social attacked that region for imaginary treasure. They dug Begum Wilayat Mahal ‘s grave too. After that, the sibling dug begum’s grave and burned their mother’s frame. Probably to store her frame from being vandalized anymore. With the court docket order they were given weapons and some puppies for his or her protection.
Later it’s far recognized they are residing poorly, a miserable existence. Nothing is there as spooky or haunts. Now you could neglect the distinction between mysterious and haunted, however please don’t forget everyone have right to stay in their own manner without harming others. So please do not harm Princess Sakina and Prince Riaz anymore.

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