Naked Science - Who Built Stonehenge?

Naked Science – Who Built Stonehenge?

Stonehenge, in lots of peoples’ minds, is the maximum mysterious area within the world. This set of stones laid out in concentric rings and horseshoe shapes on the empty Salisbury Plain, is, at the age of 4,000 years, one of the oldest, and truly high-quality preserved, megalithic (ancient stone) structures on Earth.

Naked Science - Who Built Stonehenge?

Who Built It?

There is evidence that pastime on the Stonehenge web page goes as ways lower back as 11,000 years ago. It wasn’t till about 3100 BC, although, that a circular bank following the modern Stonehenge layout regarded. At the equal time, pine posts have been placed into the region. Around 2100 BC stones started being erected, at the start the smaller bluestones, then the bigger sarsens stones. During this era, some stones had been erected, then later dismantled.
At about 1500 BC Stonehenge consisted of a circular ditch with a raised financial institution at the interior. Within the financial institution became a circle of 30 sarsen stones with lintels creating a raised circle. Today only 17 of these stones nevertheless stand and few of the lintels are still in position.

Rings of Rock

Perhaps what’s strangest about Stonehenge is that it’s miles ways from being specific. Though Stonehenge is the most intact and tricky ring of stones, there are acknowledged to be over a thousand remains of stone circles at some stage in the British Isles and Northern France. Some of them were small, like Keel Cross in County Cork that’s just 9 feet in diameter. The biggest, Avebury covers over 28 acres and encircles what is now a whole village. Some of the stones at Avebury weighed 60 heaps.

Naked Science - Who Built Stonehenge?

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