The Guna Cave - Devils Kitchen

The Guna Cave – Devils Kitchen

The Guna Cave,  Devil’s Kitchen is a completely interesting and on the identical time ‘risky’ vicinity of enchantment in the metropolis of Kodaikanal. Plenty of tourists come to this location all 12 months round and it’s far ought to visit spot for adventure buffs. Devil’s Kitchen is a deep hidden narrow valley that looks like small darkish trenches, however, are deceptively deep, so be in your defend or have a local man or woman to guide you thru your steps!


The Devil’s Kitchen is located between the Green Valley View and 3 certainly organized massive rocks called Pillar Rocks. These are unusual rock formations as a result of erosion of soil from cliffs. There are deep dark chambers among the rocks which might be inhabited by bats; which is thought to derive the call Devil’s Kitchen. Some wild animals and several cook species also can be spotted right here. It is assumed that the Pandavas had stayed at this location for a while. Devil’s Kitchen is a great region to click on pix but because of the deep fall and the threat worried, many vacationers hesitate to go to the region.

The Guna Cave - Devils Kitchen

The Devil’s Kitchen is popularly known as Guna Caves after a Tamil film ‘Guna’ was shot here. Due to a few unfortunate happenings that happened here, the Devil’s Kitchen is relatively blanketed now, and visitors can see sections of the cave shape from a distance.

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The Guna Cave - Devils Kitchen

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