Tower of London Ghosts! - Haunted London

Tower of London Ghosts! – Haunted London

With a record of torture and execution going again over 900 years, the Tower of London seems as one of the maximum haunted locations inside the UK. It was initially built in 1078 by using William the Conqueror and has served a prime role within the history of England ever given that.

There had been many reports of the paranormal at the Tower of London over time. The most famous of all the ghosts that stay inside its walls, is Anne Boleyn, the wife of King Henry VIII. She turned into beheaded in 1536, and her headless frame has been seen taking walks the Tower’s corridors and often near the spot of her dying.

Other full-bodied apparitions have additionally been visible such as Lady Jane Grey, who changed into spotted via a guardsman in 1957. In the White Tower, the White Lady has been seen, often standing at the window, wherein she once stood to wave to her youngsters on the other side of the constructing.


Tower of London Ghosts! - Haunted London

Perhaps the maximum spine-chilling of all reviews consists of the mysterious appearance of kids. They have been witnessed for the duration of the rooms of the citadel. They’re often seen of their nightgowns, holding hands and with a look of terror on their faces. It is thought these are two former Prince’s, who were despatched tot the Tower when they were deemed illegitimate by means of Parliament. They vanished sooner or later and it was assumed that they had been murdered by way of order of their uncle, the Duke of Gloucester. Apparently, two small skeletons had been exhumed beneath a staircase inside the White Tower.

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