Alien Technology: Kailasa Temple in Ellora Caves

Alien Technology: Kailasa Temple in Ellora Caves

Alien Technology: Kailasa Temple in Ellora Caves


Kailasa temple is the sector well-known at Ellora and permit’s look objectively into who should have constructed this first rate structure. By the give up of this video, I hope you will agree with me that our records is absolutely incorrect, and that this temple changed into constructed through a very advanced civilization.

What is so special approximately this temple? This temple was now not built by way of including stone blocks, but an entire mountain turned into carved to create this temple. This is the best instance inside the whole world where a mountain become cut out from the top, to create a shape. In all the different temples and caves, even in Ellora and the rest of the sector, the rock changed into reduce from the the front and carved as they went alongside. The complete world has followed a rock cutting approach known as “cut-in monolith” while Kailasa temple is the most effective one which has used the complete opposite technique called “cut-out monolith”.


To see why this rock cutting approach is so special, let’s take a look at this pillar that is over 100 feet tall. See how small human beings look when compared to this pillar. Normally, to create such a massive pillar, it’d take years of work, carving correctly on the big rock. But this pillar become carved via scooping out all of the pieces of mountain around it. You can imagine the amount of rock, which has been removed to create this pillar.

Historians and archaeologists are pressured due to the sheer quantity of rock that became eliminated in this temple. Archaeologists affirm that over four hundred,000 lots of rock had to be scooped out, which would have taken now not years, but centuries of human exertions. Historians don’t have any file of this type of immense task and they think that it turned into built in much less than 18 years.

Let us do a simple math and notice if historians could be proper. I am going to expect that human beings worked each day for 18 years and for 12 hours instantly with out a breaks at all. I am going to ignore rainy days, festivals, struggle time and anticipate that human beings worked like robots ceaselessly. I am additionally going to ignore the time taken to create tricky carvings and complicated engineering design and planning and just awareness on the removal of rock.

If 400,000 tons of rock have been eliminated in 18 years, 22,222 heaps of rock had to be eliminated every yr. This means that 60 tons of rock turned into eliminated every day, which gives us five lots of rock eliminated every hour. I assume we will all agree, that is not even feasible nowadays to cast off 5 heaps of rock from a mountain, every hour. Not in spite of all the so known as advanced machines that we have. So, if it isn’t always humanly possible, turned into it carried out via human beings in any respect? Was this created with the assist of extraterrestrial intelligence!

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