Blood Falls: Antarctica's Stunning Secret

Blood Falls: Antarctica’s Stunning Secret

The Secret of the Blood Falls of Antarctica!

Roughly two million years in the past, the Taylor Glacier sealed beneath it a small body of water which contained a historic community of microbes. Trapped under a thick layer of ice, they have remained there ever seeing that, isolated inside a natural time capsule. Evolving independently of the rest of the living world, those microbes exist in a place and not using a mild or loose oxygen and the little heat, and are basically the definition of “primordial ooze.” The trapped lake has very excessive salinity and is rich in iron, which gives the waterfall its red shade. A fissure in the glacier lets in the subglacial lake to go with the flow out, forming the falls without contaminating the ecosystem within.


Blood Falls: Antarctica's Stunning Secret

The life of the Blood Falls atmosphere indicates that life can exist in the most intense situations on Earth. Though tempting to make the connection, it does no longer show, however, that existence may want to exist on other planets with similar environments and comparable bodies of frozen water—extensively Mars and Jupiter’s moon Europa—as such existence would need to rise up from a completely extraordinary chain of activities.

Even if it doesn’t affirm the existence of extraterrestrial life, Antarctica’s Blood Falls is a wonder to behold both visually and scientifically.

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