Vidura Neethi in Telugu l part 9 l Importance of silence in life.

Vidura Neethi in Telugu l part 9 l Importance of silence in life
5000 years past, the sage Vidura recommended King Dhritarashtra on leadership and therefore the characteristics of wise individuals. Vidura seeks to forestall war by urging evil king Dhritarashtra to rethink his behavior and actions against the Pandava cousins.In Chapters thirty three through forty of Udyoga Parva, within the Mahabharata conjointly referred to as Prajagara sub-parva, sage Vidura outlines things wise individuals and leaders ought to do, and things they ought to not. These area unit called Vidura neethi. Some samples of his recommendations for leaders:He ought to want for the prosperity of all, and may ne’er set heart on inflicting misery on any cluster.He ought to concentrate to people who have fallen in distress and adversity.

Vidura neethi conjointly includes some hundred verses with suggestions for private development and characteristics of a adviser. for instance, in Chapter thirty three, Vidura suggests a adviser refrains from anger, exultation, pride, shame, stupefaction and self-importance.He has reverence and religion, he’s unhampered in his endeavors by either adversity or prosperity.He believes virtue and profit will go along, exerts and acts to the most effective of his ability, disregards nothing.He understands quickly, listens rigorously, acts with purpose.

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