A New Wheeled Robot - Boston Dynamics

” Handle” a New Wheeled Robot – Boston Dynamics

At the beginning of February, a leaked video confirmed the latest creation from Boston Dynamics —a wheeled humanoid robotic called “Handle.” Now the secretive maker of amazing robots has released the entire introduction video, revealing a few of handle’s company new tricks.
The wheeled bot can travel as much as 9 mph, and as you will discover in the video, it has no predicament rolling over some mild off-road terrain corresponding to patches of grass and flights of stairs. The bot stands 6.5 ft tall when wholly multiplied, though it most likely crouches to turn or steadiness. Batteries power the robotic’s electric and hydraulic actuators, permitting it to crouch down, make sharp turns, and elevate objects that weigh at least 100 pounds. Handle has ample battery juice to journey about 15 miles on one charge.

A New Wheeled Robot - Boston Dynamics

Oh and yet another thing, this rolling bot can leap 4 feet into the air. It has no difficulty leaping over tables and obstacles, and it undoubtedly would have a little crisis going for walks down a puny human. The outline on Boston Dynamics’ video also shows that the wheels will also be swapped out for typical leg stilts, permitting manage to be with no trouble modified to journey over uneven terrain.

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