Posthumous marriage - Marry A Dead Person

Posthumous marriage – Marrying A Dead Person

Did that it’s far hundred percentage legal to get married to a dead character in France?

Well if you did no longer realize, now you already know and I’m sure you is probably questioning why. What would make a person need to get married to a dead character? And why is that this movement legal within the first area.
This article seeks to give an explanation for just that. So please study on and be enlightened on this….

Posthumous marriage - Marry A Dead Person

In France, it’s far quite proper that a person can get marry to a lifeless person. This is a prison factory in France and it’s far
known as a posthumous marriage. Now, this type of marriage is one in which one of the taking part partners is deceased of direction. This sort of marriage has been the prison in France considering that World War I.
How posthumous marriage originated

It started in the 1950s because of an extreme tragedy where a dam broke and killed hundreds of people in Frejus, France. Among the useless human beings was a person named Andre Capra who changed into engaged and to be married to a female named Irene God art. After Capra’s loss of life, Irene God art dispatched messages to the then French President Charles De Gaulle pleading with him to permit her to marry her fiancé Capra even though he changed into lifeless. Soon the media heard her pleas and began helping her. The assist Irene God art obtained turned into so overwhelming the President gave her the inexperienced light to marry her deceased fiancé.

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