Teenage Girl Sells Virginity For iPhone 8

Xiao Chen, a 17-Year-Old Girl, provided her virginity for simply to shop for an iPhone 8s. In the video which went viral, The Chinese Teenager become heard announcing, ‘My Friends have all bought iPhone 8s. I need one too, however I do not have so much cash. I heard there has been a woman at our school who earned 20,000 RMB selling this’.The Client has provided the latest iPhone 8s to Xiao Chen before having intercourse.


To her shock, He then asked three different guys waiting in the lavatory to step out. They surrounded the woman and removed their shirts, growing gang-rape surroundings. Realizing that she changed into trapped, The Girl tried to get away however she changed into stuck and thrown on the mattress.


She become screaming and kicking until the men got maintain of her legs and arms.All of surprising, Another Woman entered the room to disclose it became all pre-planned. Beijing blogger Nana played this prank to teach a lesson to the Teenager.

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